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Safe Space Launch in Ukraine

In April 2023, after months of preparation with Mariupol Youth Union (MYU), our partner on the ground in Ukraine, INARA finally launched a Safe Space that will serve children forced to flee their homes due to the ongoing hostilities.  This Space will contribute to the integration of these displaced children and their families into new communities through their socialization and adaptation to their new environment and community.

It will also create an environment conducive to psychological recovery, restoration of sleep and stabilization of the emotional state of war affected children.

The experienced staff at the center will also assist parents in developing self-regulation skills as well as supporting their kids, and conducting joint practical activities for children and their parents.

To support the staff working at the Safe Space and ensure the children and their families are well cared for, MYU hosted a training specialist to provide training, help and support to the specialists working in this Safe Space. The trainings provided tackled different pivotal subjects like “Features of organizing a safe space for children. Inclusiveness in safe spaces” and “Psychological First aid”.

Today, this Safe Space plays an essential role in helping a community heal as a whole, and start to recover slowly to go on with their lives. The Safe Space offers numerous activities and educational games that tackle difficult subject that might be hard for parents to address.

Through this initiative INARA and Mariupol Youth Union will be helping these families who have no one to turn to, supporting the children, as well as their parents, to create a healthy family environment and help as many children as possible overcome the trauma they sustained and adapt to their new living situation.