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INARA’s entire operation and staff in Türkiye have been impacted. The earthquake zone is also where all our beneficiaries live. We have activated our Rapid Response Program, looking at where we are able to provide support not only to our beneficiaries’ families who are among the most vulnerable given that they already have traumatic medical injuries and mental health problems, but also to all those who have been impacted by this devastating event. INARA and Savastan Etkilenen Çocuklara Yardim Dernegi has shifted all resources and capacities to address the recent disaster in Türkiye and Syria.

We are also providing, in partnership with trusted organizations on the ground, assistance to Northern Syria where there are no international rescue teams and very little international aid. People are in dire need of diesel to run heavy machinery for rescue, not to mention the extreme need for shelter, food, medicine, and other non-food items.

Mental health is often neglected in times of crisis. The trauma resulting from such a devastating event, especially for families that have already been traumatized, is deep and can be long-lasting if no intervention is provided. We are starting to develop our long-term response focusing on mental health interventions as well as medical ones where needed. We will try to set up a safe space for children so they can recover from the current traumatic events they’ve been through.


Deploy teams that provide medical consultations and follow-ups to all survivors and locals, especially those who were discharged from hospitals too soon.


Distribute relief items based on needs assessments to the families of our beneficiaries and to the local population, particularly to the most vulnerable families.


Provide mental health and psychosocial support and create safe spaces for children with activities and counselling to help them and their families overcome trauma.

Your help and support with donations and volunteering is essential for INARA so we can continue to provide our needs based approach to families affected by the earthquakes.

Your donations enables INARA to provide Rapid Response to the population affected by the Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.


INARA, the International network for Aid Relief and Assistance, “Savastan Etkilenen Çocuklara Yardim Dernegi” in Turkey, is providing support to all who have been impacted by the devastating Türkiye-Syria Earthquake.


INARA, Türkiye'deki faaliyetleri için
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