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Can I donate plasma?
I was a COVID-19 patient
I have recovered from COVID-19 over two weeks ago
I have a valid COVID-19 negative test result
I do not suffer from any transmissible or chronic disease
I do not have diabetes or high blood pressure
I am not over the age of 65 years
I have never been pregnant
I am willing to take the Covid AntiBody IgG - Quantative test prior to donating plasma
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Do you consume alcohol
more than 7 times per week?
Do you have an Aadhaar card?
Message: Hospitals require identification
proof while donating plasma
Has it been at least 14 days since the
last day of your symptoms
(fever, cough, shortness of breath)?
Date of your last COVID-19 test result
which shows that you are no
longer have the virus

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