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Who we are
Inaraa is a digital plasma bank that aims to help COVID-19 patients seek plasma donations needed for their recovery. Our platform uses next-generation technologies to help fully infected patients in urgent need of plasma therapy directly connect with recovered patients (donors) as quickly as possible.
Healthy donors across India can help save thousands of lives by listing themselves on Inaraa and donating plasma to hospitals in their city when they receive a request!
What is plasma therapy?
Convalescent plasma therapy is a method doctors are experimenting with across the globe to treat COVID-19 patients with severe conditions.
People fully recovered from COVID-19 have antibodies in their plasma that have been used to fight the virus. The convalescent plasma can be administered to COVID-19 patients with severe conditions as the plasma tends to increase their ability to fight the virus. Convalescent plasma can also help patients curb moderate symptoms from worsening.
How Inaraa works
Step 1
Register as a donor on our platform
Step 2
Patients in need of plasma can view the list of donors on our platform
Step 3
Inaraa will send you the details of the patients that have requested for your donation
Step 1
Choose your city and blood group
Step 2
Select a donor that matches your requirements
Step 3
Fill in the patient’s details and we will share it with your selected donor
I am not a patient but I know someone who needs plasma

We wholeheartedly thank you for taking the onus of helping us connect patients with donors. All you have to do is select your donor and fill out the patient information form on behalf of the patient.

I don’t want people to know my identity.

We do not share any personal data with third-party contractors. Also, we do not save data of the registered patients on our platform. We, at Inaraa, consider the privacy and protection of your data to be of the utmost importance. We implement robust measures to protect the security and integrity of your data and personal details

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