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Türkiye & Syria
INARA’s entire operation and staff in Türkiye have been impacted.
The earthquake zone is also where all our beneficiaries live.
In access to life changing medical & mental health services
by sponsoring care for conflict impacted children.
A world where no child impacted by conflict is left untreated.
Responsing to crises and emergencies in our areas of operation though a flexible Rapid Response Program, providing Aid, Relief and Assistance.

INARA is launching its rapid response intervention in Morocco, tailored to meet the urgent needs of the earthquake-affected population, drawing on its extensive experience from previous earthquake responses in Türkiye and Syria. The initial step involves immediate coordination with organizations on the ground. With a track record of impactful disaster relief operations, INARA stands ready to lend crucial support to the Moroccan communities facing this challenging time.

Donating to INARA is the key to kick-starting a rapid response intervention and needs assessment in Morocco.

Your contribution can make a critical difference in providing relief and support to those in dire need.

168极速赛车 PROGRAMS

INARA’s mission is to fill in the gaps in access to life-altering services for children in communities impacted by human-induced and natural disasters.


INARA works with children from conflict areas who have suffered physical and mental harm and supports them through three pillars.

Medical Treatment

INARA fully covers and finances beneficiaries’ medical treatment, giving them free of charge healthcare until they are fully healed.

Mental Health

INARA provides in-house mental health services to help children and their families cope and process their trauma through one-on-one and group sessions.

Family Intervention

INARA works with the beneficiary’s family towards a positive home environment by providing various avenues of support including family group therapy.

Life Altering Impact

Lives Impacted

0 %

of beneficiaries report a reduction in disabilities, access barriers, scarring, and/or wounds.

0 %

of beneficiaries experience improvement in mental health.

0 %

of caretakers report increased livelihood opportunities due to their child’s improvement.

0 %

of caretakers report increased ability to spend more time with other children and family.

Sameh: A remarkable Journey

Sameh was at home with his parents when war planes hit his neighborhood, and home appliances fell on his head. As a result, he sustained a severe injury to his head that left him with an open skull wound as well as other numerous fractures. His injury was life threatening:

Full Story »

Nawal: hearing for the first time

On a beautiful summer day, Nawal’s family decided to head to the river to have some fun. As soon as they stepped foot out of the house, they heard the familiar sounds of warplanes above them and ran back to find a place to hide. There were fights and bullets

Full Story »


INARA’s vision is a world where no child impacted by conflict is left untreated.



Providing equal access to services for every child in need while maintaining our independent and nonpartisan identity.

Best interest

Best interest

Committed to prioritizing and advocating the child’s well-being and their best interests when providing their treatment and care.



Pledge to share where donations go and every child’s journey towards recovery.



Actively responding to human crisis in our areas of operation, evolving and adapting to crises as they happen.

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Addressing Challenges and Raising Awareness

At INARA, we know how war and conflicts can impact a child’s well-being and safety, and how much it can affect their mental health.

After a needs assessment to discover the gaps we needed to fill in Ukraine, INARA has launched a program to provide consultations and training specific to mental health professionals, social workers, and others who are directly working with children on the ground.
INARA is additionally working to build safe spaces for children, specifically designed to address needs highlighted by our local partners.

[+] More on our Ukraine Rapid Response



Any nationality just not Syrian’: Refugee deportations surge in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey

Read Arwa Damon’s article at the Atlantic Council.

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